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Bounty Killers

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Invincible version, unlimited ammunition and invincibility of life, readily kill the enemy! This is a great shooter, very retro images and scenes. American cowboy should be familiar with it, this time you have to play this role to perform the task, as a bounty hunter, there is no right and wrong, only money and tasks is a very cold character. However, this is not reality Oh, reality should happy to play games. Well, now, as a "bounty hunters", your task began.

Game Goal: holding a weapon in your hands , continue to destroy incoming enemy

How to start: to click PLAY! - then click on NEW - then click NEXT - then click to select the mouse or keyboard mode - and then then click on CONTINUE - then click choose characters - Last Click NEXT to start the game


  • arrowsmove
  • mouselefttake aim at gunning
  • spacethrow bomb
  • 1-0 change weapon

Two firing an optional mouse mode: WASD to / ↑ ↓ ← → to control movement, move the mouse to aim, click shooting, spacebar to drop bombs, the number keys 1-0 to change weapons. Keyboard mode: arrow keys ↑ ↓ ← → to control movement, A key to shoot, S key to throw bombs, the number keys 1-0 to change weapon

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