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Long shiny diamonds like the Red Dragon and Green Dragon went together to take the risk, look for the red flashing sparkling diamonds, a large red dragon carrying a green dragon, and wore green dragon jump higher, the Green Dragon through Red Dragon can not be the last place, they help each other through the layers of obstacles. The stars in the game logo is a save point through here even death can also start from here again Oh!

Game Goal: flexible control two dragons, collect items to pass to the level required oh

How to start: Game loaded, click on the Chinese national flag - and then click on START to start game


  • arrowsthe ambulation jump up
  • H cut over a role
  • J make green Long Gao jump
  • K sweep tail
  • L sprint

Using the keyboard AD or arrow keys ← → key to control movement, the W key or the ↑ key to jump, spacebar to make a green dragon who jumped out from the Red Dragon, again riding, H-key to switch roles, the J key to the high jump of the Green Dragon (riding only), K key mop-up, L key sprint, K or L button can control the stones broken out of the way of the Red Dragon, P to pause

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