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Nitrome Must Die

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Invasion game invincible version: unlimited blood. Game of the the Nitrome home (100), always addictive, dubbed the game the Nitrome must die about two children playing online games similar to intrusion the Nitrome headquarters in London story, cute characters, great shootout, fast call on your friends together and play.

Game Goal: help heroes successfully destroyed all the enemy to cross the border

How to start: game is loaded click on the top left of the SKIP - click play - and then select the single / double - then click CONTINUE - choose level 1 to start the game


  • player 1:
  • wasdthe ambulation jump up salvation
  • Q shoot
  • P pause

  • player 2:
  • arrowsthe ambulation jump up salvation
  • / shoot

Player 1: the keyboard AD key control character movement, the W key to jump, S key to save the partners, the Q key to shoot P to pause the player 2: arrow keys ← → keys to move the ↑ key to jump ↓ key to save the partner, the slash (/) The key to shooting Tip: If the companion is dead, can stand around him and even press the ↓ key to make the resurrection. Destroy the enemy after went to the gate. Into the elevator, press the arrow keys, then press the firing button

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