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The Cast Castle

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Evil Legion to attack your castle, you have to guard the castle. The use of archers, knights, magicians defenders, archers, longer range, the Knights of the damage, the magician can attack the enemy but also the treatment of other roles up and guard the castle.

Game Goal: the fastest to eliminate all the enemies constantly invading it

How to start: load after clicking anywhere on the game - then click on PRACTICE - then click on OKAY - another plus point for the 3 individual objects and click OK to start the game


  • mouseleftchoice person
  • 1 move
  • 2 attack move
  • QWE technical ability
  • lrcut over sense of vision

Game using the mouse click to select the characters move and then press a key, two key attack mobile, QWE key skills, move the mouse to the left and right of the screen / press the keyboard's arrow keys ← → key / AD can switch between visual

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